The first delivery of 18 CDs for 2 pennies arrived in 1994. Green Day, Weezer, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Jane’s Addiction, Guns N Roses, RHCP, NIN, Blind Melon, Porno For Pyros, Nirvana and Violent Femmes to name a few. Using an old guitar of his father’s, Almost Young began playing along and improvising guitar parts over these now-classic records. Listening intently, he began to understand and truly appreciate the art of harmonizing, a skill he honed while his grandmother played and sang church hymns on the family organ.


In the late-90’s and early-00’s he found himself immersed in the San Diego punk and ska scene. It literally changed his life forever and he would quickly form The Hand-Me-Downs, a ska/punk group that made two albums, and found themselves opening for such greats as Buck-O-Nine, Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger. Like most first bands, this one didn’t stand the test of time. Looking for a change of direction and a fresh start, Young formed The Jack Tripper Solution (The JTS), a powerhouse three-piece punk rock band that survived for five years independently on San Diego based indie label, Goblin Records. The JTS toured nationally with the likes of The Killingtons, Reel Big Fish, Dogwwod, Value Pac and The OC Supertones. In the mid-00’s an invitation to produce and write with ex-Kottonmouth King, St. Dog, put The JTS on hold and together they formed The Unconformable Social Amputees, a Sublime style punk/ska/hip hop group that was backed by prominent indie label, Suburban Noize Records.


Fast-forward to 2014, Young found himself back where he started. On his own, no band, and a nasty songwriting habit that wouldn’t quit. The tunes began piling up and he needed to find an outlet for them. Shopping his material relentlessly got the attention of such producers as Mark Trombino and John Feldman, and indie label legends Hopeless Records. Though a step in the right direction, being a singer/songwriter with no established group at the time was a hard sell to that crowd. On a mission to get signed, he continued to fine-tune his writing and submit his material hoping that someone would hear his songs for what they are and throw down the gauntlet of belief. That day came when a CD of demos landed on the desk of Blue Elan Records' president, Kirk Pasich. Before he knew it, Young found himself signing a singer/songwriter deal with the LA based boutique label. At the end of the year, he started making a record with super producer-extraordinaire, Dave Darling. Since completing the album in the spring of 2015, Young has again put together an amazing, road-ready group of musicians to back him up. 


Also with deep roots in the San Diego punk scene, the band features Dave Howe on bass, Darrin DiMichelle on drums, and on guitar is Chad Schmidt whose band Userfriendly was one of the original and perennial BBQ bands on the Vans Warped Tour in the late-90’s.


Already getting early spins around the country on alternative radio, they’ll start touring and introducing the material to audiences around the country this fall.